Finland - July 03, 2018 10:00Finnish women national teamHome debut for Jaakko Laitinen girlsby Luca Ranocchiari - editor

With a meeting in Eerikkilä on mid-July Finland will start their path to the UEFA Women's Futsal EURO 2019. Also, this is the absolute home debut for the Jaakko Laitinen's girls, who entered the international stage with two games in Poland in 2017 (see our report: click here) and then in a couple of games in the Netherlands (1-3 win in Drachten, 2-0 defeat in Leek).
Now is time to play enjoying the local fans support for the first ever time: Sweden will be the opponent for both games hosted by the impressive Tesoman sports hall based in Tampere.

Here's the fixture and below you can have a look at the 20 girls roster selected by head coach Jaakko Laitinen.

17/7 - 18.30 - Finland vs Sweden - Tesoman Sports Hall, Tampere
18/7 - 18.30 - Finland vs Sweden - Tesoman Sports Hall, Tampere

Finnish Women National Team - Players List

Leena Lepikonmäki (ACE)
Tiia Ropanen (ACE)
Emiilia Syvänen (Ilves FS)

Field Players
Netta Hannula (MuSa Futsal)
Pirta Hiukka (GFT Prinsessat)
Jonna Hyvärinen (Ilves FS)
Jenni Häkli (Ilves FS)
Emilia Jokisalo (Ilves FS)
Tiia Juntikka (FTK)
Anna Keränen (FTK)
Jonna Kykkänen (Ilves FS)
Kiia Laine (GFT Prinsessat)
Sini Lauermaa (ACE)
Maria Mäntylä (Ilves FS)
Tiina Pöyry (Ilves FS)
Elina Setälä (MuSa Futsal)
Rosa-Maria Sirén (Ylöjärven Ilves)
Sini Sutinen (Ylöjärven Ilves)
Daniela Tjeder (GFT Prinsessat)
Maarit Vitikka (FC Sport Juniorit)

Upper picture: The Tesoman Sports Venue in Tampere (Photo courtesy:

Finnish FA
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